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Snapdragon Studios explores, innovates, and pushes gaming technologies through collaboration with world-class developers and major commercial game engines. Game engine technologies like real-time hardware accelerated Ray Tracing, shadow de-noising, and post-process acceleration are on display in our showcase titles.

Game Engine and Optimizations

We work with the best game engines to showcase their features and help elevate gaming for players. 

Unreal Showcase


Built using the Metahuman system in Unreal Engine 5, Amira comes to life as never before and introduces Snapdragon Studios. 

Nanite and Lumen

Featuring AAA level lighting and materials, the best defended city in Snapdragon’s history is brought to life using Unreal Engine. 


Featuring human and Artificial Intelligence multiplayer action, ADBL brings arcade excitement to mobile via Unreal 5. 

Unity Showcase


Discovery was built on Unity and features our hero Jay exploring a detailed and beautiful alien world. 

Gaming Technologies

Our premium gaming technologies make games run faster, pop with color and deliver desktop level lighting effects that dazzle.  And this technology is widespread - As of today, we’ve surpassed over a 1 billion mobile devices with Snapdragon Elite Gaming Technology - and mobile gaming is the most popular place to game.

Raytracing Showcase:

Our showcase title Artifact captures the imagination with the incredible depth that modern gaming technology can bring to your players. The impact of your rich the world, your engaging story, and the intended player experience are all reinforced through the delicate interplay of lights and shadow.

Raytracing Showcase:
Foundation Fight

Featuring dramatic light and shadow, this epic clash showcases the cinematic-inspired lighting that illuminates deep player immersion.

Variable Rate Shading


Variable Rate Shading allows your code to adapt to the on-rushing challenges, and put the “boom” of performance where it needs to be. 

Desktop PC Rendering on Mobile

1978 Skatepark Pinball

Skatepark Pinball showcases the use of Unreal Engine's desktop forward renderer running on Snapdragon. The desktop renderer allows for numerous dynamic shadow casting lights and higher fidelity post processing effects to bring games to life.

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