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Snapdragon Studios

Snapdragon Studios are multi-disciplinary development professionals working with industry-defining  gaming technologies for Mobile, XR, and Compute. Through our showcase titles and collaboration with our platform and game development partners, the very best in rendering, performance, and optimizations are defined and developed in our innovative studios. We work to ensure that renowned game developers are at their best advantage when working with core gaming technologies for mobile and computing platforms. Every day we come to work and enable gaming's best experiences for players everywhere.

PC Showcase

Pet Dragon

Thalia and our small dragon return in a showcase that highlights animation, lighting, and joy. 

Space Amira

Amira flies into the action to showcase Snapdragon Studios and our forward-charging efforts to advance gaming technology and possibility. 

Dragons Watch

Our latest showcase takes you to a city protected by a fierce Dragon and her adorable offspring. Rendered by the latest gaming technologies, Dragons Watch is a place you will want to be. 

Air Derby
Battle League

Featuring a modern take on action multiplayer games, Air Derby Battle League brings human and AI bots together to contest for mastery in this beautiful capture the flag and aerial combat game.

Zinger Concept Car HMI highlighting Snapdragon®  Digital Chassis

We are featuring Snapdragon Cockpit and Auto Connectivity platforms to power infotainment systems like this HMI created in Unreal Engine 4.25 for the center console of our concept car. The Snapdragon® Digital Chassis™ solutions can be used with Unreal Engine to create interactive assets like this Digital Twin & HVAC example shown on the Galaxy Tab S9 with Snapdragon chipset.

Mobile Showcase

Mixed Reality

Spaceship for Sale:
AR / VR / MR

Take a sales tour of the Midden 5!  Your next ticket to adventure and probably the last spaceship you’ll ever fly, this lovingly reconditioned craft has been brought to “like new” standards and will take you to opportunity and beyond!

Reign of Amira:
Lost Realms

Dragon Alley: Raytracing & Lumen Demo on UE5

Lumen leverages hardware accelerated ray tracing to simulate how light bounces around in a dynamic game environment.

Our in-house Snapdragon Studios has already been working directly with top game studios to enable Lumen in their upcoming UE 5 Mobile games.

Game Super Resolution (SGSR)

Fast high quality super scaling…highly optimized, single pass, spatially award upscaling technique without affecting power or performance.


Expo is a collection of dioramas that depict augmented reality use-cases with immersive versions of Blaster, Derby, Media, and Cooking experiences.


Our Unreal Engine Spaceship is an experience that features stunning graphics and beautiful lighting.


FoundationMX is an augmented mobile game that is mirrored in AR glasses with Spatial UI and 3-D Effects.


Ball3D features 3D reconstruction with physical collision and visual occlusion.

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